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Pet Feeder WiFi Android iOS

Pet Feeder WiFi Android iOS - Shop it Big

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Pet Feeder WiFi Android iOS

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5 reasons you need a smart feeder:

1 - It will help keep your pet entertained (and a tired dog is a good dog)

Every dog owner knows that a tired dog is a good dog. A dog who doesn’t expel energy throughout the day, in the form of a walk or obedience lesson, is one that will truly wreck havoc on your home or apartment. So, a smart pet feeder will aid in entertaining your dog while waiting for their food to dispense.



2 - If you’re working late in the office, your pet will still be fed.

Smart pet feeders allow you to still feed your puppy while you’re away (though we don’t recommend leaving your dog for hours at a time, because #separationanxiety). Though, if the time truly calls for it, you can feed your dog while you’re running late in the office or stuck in traffic. This means that your little one won’t go hungry (and potentially nibble on your furniture in disgust).



3 - You can watch your new puppy if you need to escape for a quick minute

Smart Feeder allows you to feed your pet any time and any place through your smartphone, while enabling you to watch your pet any moment you want. It has a great camera that can record any movement of your pet. This means I can monitor how they interact during feeding time, if I need to escape for a quick moment out of my apartment.



4 - It’s easier to monitor your dog’s food intake

Smart Feeder tracke your pet portion intake and exactly when he ate it. This particular product tells users how many grams it dispenses per portion, so you can do a quick calculation to determine how much you need to dispense at feeding time. No more ‘estimating’ cups and cup sizes.



5 - You can dispense little surprises throughout the day.

When you’re in your office or at a meeting, you can use smart pet feeder to dispense treats to your little one. Little “eggs” they can find throughout the day.



Main Features:

Scientific Feeding, Smart Living!

1. 2-min Easy Setup: No need to scan QR code, just plug in the power adapter, type in the account and password of your home wifi network(ONLY 2.4GHz).

2. Customized Feeding: It provides up to 8 meals a day, flexible meal portions from 1 to 20 portions per meal, 5g for each portion.

3. Battery Backup Support: With batteries as backup, the feeder will feed your fur kid as scheduled, no worry about power failure when you are not at home.[The App will not work when only using batteries!]

  • Robot-like Appearance: An eye-catching decoration in your house, keep company with your furkid.
  • Feeding Remind: The Iseebiz App will inform you after each feeding[keep the App running in background], you could record your voice as feeding remind, so your fur kid hears your voice at meal time..

App Download:

You could download it here if you can't find it in Google Play:

For iOS users, search "Iseebiz" in App Store.



Max Output: 2000g
LCD Display: No
Min Output: 4g
Voltage: 110-240V
Is Smart Device: YES
Type: Dogs
Power Source: CHARGE
Volume: 3L
SKU: JS-ZZL-0003
Suitable for: Medium Small Dog / Cat / Puppy
Volume: 3L
Feeder Time: 8 times in 1 Day
Feeder: 1-20 portions per meal


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